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"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take."

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Life Begins at the End of Our Comfort Zone

The year before last, I had the privilege to attend Sovereign Academy, an entrepreneurship camp limited to 50 entrepreneurs hand-selected each year to learn from extraordinary entrepreneurs. Every day, before our lessons started, our instructor Craig Ballantyne would lead our exercises for 30 minutes.

The last five minutes, we had to give it our all and push through the “pain barrier”. Arnold Schwarzenegger even claimed that when he exercised and did 10 repetitions of any exercise, the first seven reps didn’t even count, it was always those last few repetitions that grew him to such an extraordinary size and stature. The pain barrier is a mental barrier that once you break past, can lead you to growth and development in any area of life.

This past week I have began to challenge myself in many ways leading to positive growth and development, which we can all experience once we go past our comfort zone. They don’t have to be dramatic, but can be subtle and involve us simply taking the initiative and have the guts to take action, irregardless of what others will say or think, as long as they are good for ourselves and others.

Why do I say all this? I want to not only share a little bit about what I did and also provide you with value, that you can possible utilise in your life. I don’t know in what situation, but most if not all of us have things we would like to improve upon a bit.

This week, I put myself out there, sat with new students and socialised with new many students and people in and out of school. Being elected the new social media and communications ambassador of our school, I did many new posts and live stories and videos to engage our student body and provide others with value.

I even had the audacity to take the initiative of organising a spontaneous interview with a past aluma who is a best-selling author in Thailand and have her inspire students with her incredible story and talk for over 30 minutes together.

I played sports and exercised irregardless of the weather, through horribly hot days to pouring rain.

I even had dinner with my friend Alen Arslanagic, Switzerlands Forbes 30 under 30 technology entrepreneur and helped provide value in his life and company.

I went to France with a great group of students and staff and rode electric scooters at 30kmh on the roads through the French city side and by the lake.

Needless to say, it was again, an amazing week.

Did I at all feel comfortable during most of these times? No. Sometimes I was even borderline nervous. But I pushed through my fears and came out through the other side learning something new. Not everything that isn’t comfortable is bad. If it’s good for us, for others and for the greater good, it’s probably something to do, no matter if we feel like it or not.

I will leave you with a quote by Tony Robbins. “I have come to believe that all my past failure and frustration were actually laying the foundations for the understandings that have created the new level of living I now enjoy.”

What is something you can do in your life and take action on that you’ve been putting off and know will be good for you? What could you do that will lead to a new level of living you will enjoy? Commit to pushing past your pain barrier on it and see where it will lead you. I’m sure it will be good.

Talk to you next week and to your success,


PS: I just had to share this random thing, but one of the most amazing parts of my week was this most simple yet amazing food yesterday for breakfast in a local French restaurant. Pancakes with caramel syrup and peanut butter jelly sandwiches, followed by bacon and eggs. ❤ Yumbo!



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A Day in my Life as an HIM Student

(above picture of me and my best friend having lunch break)

Hello everyone,

This week has been a blast yet again and even better, the sun has finally emerged and the rain has passed…time to wear shorts and t-shirts again!

School is going well too and busy as always working on all my different projects, but it’s very fun and boy am I gaining a lot of knowledge. This week alone I learned a few new programming languages, handled successes and rejections with surveying businesses and communities and read a few books on different subjects.

Classes were cool and we even did an excursion to a local communications company. We presented our own countries and apparently I won a prize to meet a local Swiss family, have an operative with them and talk to them more about the USA. USA represent! 😀

I wanted to keep this blog writing short, because I recorded a short video for you that was also featured on the school’s Instagram page…. I hope you enjoy it and get a cool sneak peak as to a day in my life as a student here in Switzerland.

I can’t wait for this weekend and next week. Friday, we are having Tropical theme night with beer pong, karaoke and student bar and this weekend we are taking a trip to Europa Park, which will be amazing. It is one of the largest and best roller coaster parks in Germany and it’s going to be a blast.

Anyway… now off to do some more homework and get to bed. It’s getting late and I gotta wake up early tomorrow!

Have a great day and look forward to updating you next week on the great things ahead.


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Student Life, Promotion Day and Masterclasses

Mid-terms have finished and the second part of the school has begun. I did well in most classes and got the majority of A’s, 2 B’s and a C, which was bad because that was the class I felt most confident in, but now realized I needed to study more for it.

It usually works out that way in school, the most challenging are the most rewarding and better grades and I don’t think I did well and the things I think I did super well in, I didn’t. Either way, it was a good wake-up call because I know I can do even better in that class.

Classes went well this week and student life is great. I love being here and it feels like school is becoming like a big family day by day. Nevertheless, the stress is starting to get to me a little bit due to the class load and how many projects are coming up. Nevertheless, it’s a healthy challenge to learn proper time management and organize myself properly and do well.

The usual daily life went well we had our banquet promotion which we did with our group to get people to register and practice for promotion day (a day when we promote tickets for our banquets, and the winners get to go).

Afterwards, we held our the promotion day today, getting the last registrants in with our amazing class. We had a lot of fun and got the students involved in doing the limbo in the middle of our cafeteria which we attempted to transform into a jungle for our Africa Banquet. It was hilarious and cool.

Next up, this evening was Chinese night which was very fun and delicious with sweet and sour pork, rice and many other yummy foods from China. It was really yummy and our students decorated Gate 85 (our cafeteria) to be Chinese.

Afterwards, we had our red wine masterclass where we had a professional teach us about amazing red wines from the Bordeaux region of France and we tried many wines and learned about their history. We had a lot of fun tasting wines and winding down a little bit after the stress of the week.

Last but not least, to complete our Friday evening, I went with a walk with my friends by the lakeside as the beautiful sunset set over the blue waters of Lake Geneva, behind the majestic Swiss Alps.Now, I’m off to watch some movies with a friend and enjoy my Friday night and look forward to sleeping like a baby with the rainy weather outside.