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Become a Host Family in North Carolina, or another state… we are.

Are you interested in culture or travel? What if I told you that you could experience a culture and stay at home? That’s right!


In North Carolina (even other states), CIEE is in need of host families, ordinary people like you and me, who would like to impact someone’s life or get to know a new culture and open their doors to the world to a privileged child.


Did you know we will be hosting a Congress Bundestag kid this year, from Germany? Oops, that was a surprise :O


If your even the slightest bit interested or think, hey that’s a cool idea, let CIEE know. It will impact your life and most certainly for the better. And they will be happy to assist you with any questions or concern you might have 😉


If your interested, please complete the form below and I will forward all the emails to the CIEE Coordinator, Ms. Stanley.

As I said, if your slightly interested, just send an email. You cannot even begin to believe how incredible this would be for you and your kids or other members.


I know my host-family in Germany thought it was definitely an experience of a lifetime. My host mom even applied as a local coordinator in Germany and said she would host other students again.


I’m telling you, it will be an awesome experience.. Just send an email below.


Have a great day,



Giving Back to Those Around You. Is it that important?

July 26, 2014


This is an ever changing world.


Let’s face it, the economy in the US is far from being the best. It’s collapsing.



Poverty can be summed up in one word, insufficiency. The prison rate has doubled. The suicide rate keeps increasing. 38 + percent of all accidents here in the US are caused by drunk drivers.

Doesn’t this this tell you something?


They are all the result of stress. Stress and tension. Let’s use road rage for example. Have you ever had someone tell you that you’re number one while driving? Or honking at you?


I sure have while cycling and there is nothing more terrifying having a huge truck behind you just continuously blowing the horn. Now either there are two things, they are having a bad day just like all of us do sometimes, or they’re morons.


My point of that example was to show that even things, like road rage, you never know what the other person is going through to cause this.

And we possibly can’t know what people in stress are going through. But, we can help.


Do you give back to others or help those in need?


Is it important to you? How do you look at those people?



Everyone has their own logic behind it.


When is the last time you and your family volunteered or donated your time for a cause?


For me personally, I get much more happiness out of twenty dollars spent on someone who needs help, compared to something extra for myself. Like, oh look, that cool video game is now only $30!! What if I used that money together with my mom to go to a Russian Kindergarten for orphans with $30 worth of playground toys to kids who lost their mom’s and dad’s, probably do to stress in their lives.


Now to me, heck with that $30 video game, now there are dozens of orphans who can have fun and be a little happier in their lives.


Greed isn’t the answer. Remember… most parents teach their kids to share.


Think of a way you could help someone right now. You don’t have to execute, just think about some ways you could make a difference.


How would you feel being in those needy person’s shoes?





Leave a comment below on how you have helped someone in need.


Auf Wiedersehen and have a nice Sunday.




“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

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Very True German Stereotypes :/ They aren’t what you think they are….


Here is a very true and interesting video on the German Stereotypes!


Take Care and I will try to get an update out tomorrow about some cool things I experienced during my stay there and some cool places to visit, when you are in Europe 😉


Till tomorrow,