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Berlin, Berlin, were going to Berlin!

Time has flown by us so fast and in 10 minutes (5:40am) I will depart for the train station, to go to end-of-year in Berlin.


This year has just flown by and the time to spend with friends  and host-family decreases rapidly. There are just another three something weeks left. I must be going now, but I wanted to let you know what we’re doing.


In Berin, we will be meeting the German Bundestag (the place where all the representatives vote) as well as I heard maybe the Bundespräsident (President, not Chancellor) of Germany. We will also be discussing our year here and going to cool places, seeing great things, including, for me, the Capital of Germany and it’s history.


So off I go to have my host-dad take me to the train station.


Till Monday 😉 and Best Wishes,