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What Does Travel Give You?

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What Does Travel Give You?


16 Interesting Facts über Deutschland that you probably didn’t know!

A few fun facts I have learned since being here:

– Germany is the second largest beer consumer in the world.

– Europe’s largest economy is Germany

-Germany has over 400 kinds of bread

-The Christmas tree tradition originated in Germany

– Germany has won the Soccer World Championships 3 times. Here is a patriotic German Soccer song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmza81pII8o)

-Some nicknames for FC Bayern Munich include Der FCB, Die Bayern, and FC Hollywood.

-There are three types of High School: Hauptschule (lowest), Realschule (average), and Gymnasium (highest). which most likely influence where you go after school (trade school or university).

-BMW originated from Bayern [De Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft]

-Lederhosen are not common to wear outside of Bavaria, unless it is Carnival. People WILL look at you quite strange.

-Carnival is one of the largest holidays in the South of Germany (Cologne/Küln). The 11th of the 11th Month (November) literally becomes a “living carnival” where everyone wears costumes and celebrates.

-Germany has been united since that 1989, when the Berlin Wall fell.

-North Germany is mostly flat, whereas the South has many hills and mountains.

-Til Schweiger, the “German Brad Pitt,” is even born one day after Pitt.


-70% of German highways have no speed limit.

-Oktoberfest starts in September.

-About a quarter of all American citizens claim at least partial German ancestry.


Comment if you learned anything new!


Kind Regards,

Igor Bayluk

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The Pictures I Promised….

I went hiking with my friend Damien on Sunday. At one point, we came to a place with just wet rocks going straight up in the air. After about 15 minutes of climbing, sliding, and cursing, we got to the top.

We were literally “on top of the world”, standing on a stone as big the top of a car, above everything. We stood 200 feet in the air, standing on a ledge peering down at the world below.

Here is a panorama I built, by using a wonderful application called Hugin,  on the rock.


 “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

I could see about 300 miles around me and the sun was shining. The weather was bad the entire day, up to that point. It was beautiful then.


We then walked to our next destination, a ledge in the forest that was about 525 feet high.

There, Damien took 4 pictures of each season.


Here is my picture:


I look forward to letting you know more about my German Adventure.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

Kind Regards,

Igor Bayluk