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Student Life, Promotion Day and Masterclasses

Mid-terms have finished and the second part of the school has begun. I did well in most classes and got the majority of A’s, 2 B’s and a C, which was bad because that was the class I felt most confident in, but now realized I needed to study more for it.

It usually works out that way in school, the most challenging are the most rewarding and better grades and I don’t think I did well and the things I think I did super well in, I didn’t. Either way, it was a good wake-up call because I know I can do even better in that class.

Classes went well this week and student life is great. I love being here and it feels like school is becoming like a big family day by day. Nevertheless, the stress is starting to get to me a little bit due to the class load and how many projects are coming up. Nevertheless, it’s a healthy challenge to learn proper time management and organize myself properly and do well.

The usual daily life went well we had our banquet promotion which we did with our group to get people to register and practice for promotion day (a day when we promote tickets for our banquets, and the winners get to go).

Afterwards, we held our the promotion day today, getting the last registrants in with our amazing class. We had a lot of fun and got the students involved in doing the limbo in the middle of our cafeteria which we attempted to transform into a jungle for our Africa Banquet. It was hilarious and cool.

Next up, this evening was Chinese night which was very fun and delicious with sweet and sour pork, rice and many other yummy foods from China. It was really yummy and our students decorated Gate 85 (our cafeteria) to be Chinese.

Afterwards, we had our red wine masterclass where we had a professional teach us about amazing red wines from the Bordeaux region of France and we tried many wines and learned about their history. We had a lot of fun tasting wines and winding down a little bit after the stress of the week.

Last but not least, to complete our Friday evening, I went with a walk with my friends by the lakeside as the beautiful sunset set over the blue waters of Lake Geneva, behind the majestic Swiss Alps.Now, I’m off to watch some movies with a friend and enjoy my Friday night and look forward to sleeping like a baby with the rainy weather outside.



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The Last Supper

Grüße Miteinand!

(Hello everyone in Swiss German)

Pardon the title. It is a bit dramatic but I figured it sounded appropriate. 😁

My 4 month internship at the Palace has come to an end. And what a better way to celebrate then go with my front office team and have authentic Swiss Fondue Moite-Moite at the local Post Hotel Rössli in Gstaad.

Moite Moite in French means half half. This stems from the recipe of cheese fondue being half cheese Gruyere AOP and half Vacherin Fribourgous, two famous cheeses of Switzerland. The cheeses are melted together with white wine and sometimes even garlic or truffle is added to make it even more spectacular. One then STIRS, not dips the bread in. (Swiss can always tell if you are a foreigner eating fondue, as foreigners dip the bread in and don’t stir it).

Afterwards, we went to have fun and meet the rest of our team members at Bro’s coffee in Gstaad then Chesery (Chey-serr-ee) not cheesery, even though it sounds like more cheese.

It was great fun and after the last day, I’m now taking the long 8 hour train ride to Frankfurt and leaving for the USA tomorrow morning. Now back to my snooze.

I’ll keep you posted on my next travels and see you soon!


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Traveling to Bonn, home of Gummy Bears, Beethoven, old Capital of Germany and Lust of Lexus (the show)….

We first got lost and found an old trailer at the address we put in. Then, after stopping by the gas station, running squealing to the bathroom and buying peanuts, I was ready to go!

This afternoon, my host-family and I went off to Bonn, because my host-dad has an exhibition there for the company he is the boss of. Here is some of the pictures of the exhibition. If your interested in having fantastic, custom made furniture, consider this company. They are international and have made the furniture for huge companies, Berlin Opera House, a wide variety of German banks and so much more! (they made everything in the picture below, including the glass).



Later, we explored the hotel, where it was located (5+ Stars with my host-dad’s company help make), and had a few little desserts to eat. I also got to see a wonderful view of the Rhine River.




Today was also the Bonn marathon. I am training for a half-marathon next month. Yes, in Germany, one must be 18 to run a full marathon! HOW DUMB? You can drink at 16, but run at 18? Okay….

A car  I liked at the exhibition.



And finally, meeting and talking to Jan Kralitschka, the Bachelor of Germany.


Hope you enjoyed the peaceful Sunday update. I definitely found the day fun.

Best to you,