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CBYX/PPP this year…. What does it mean in our world?

Good Evening Fellow Readers,


Please watch this before reading….



My goodness, after searching for it seems like forever, I FINALLY came across a few CBYX Bloggers for this year. Again, CBYX is the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange Program, a youth exchange program made to increase the relationships between Germany and the USA and for people like you and me to learn German, live in a host-family and experience culture shock beyond belief for an entire year. Sounds cool right?


Well here are a few people who are currently in my footsteps and are going through what I went through a year ago.








If you know any more blogs, please comment below. I am sure many others, including myself would enjoy reading about it.


Have a good evening und bis später,


CBYX Berlin, Meeting with the Bundestags President, my German "Congressman" and a fellow CBYX friend.

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Very True German Stereotypes :/ They aren’t what you think they are….


Here is a very true and interesting video on the German Stereotypes!


Take Care and I will try to get an update out tomorrow about some cool things I experienced during my stay there and some cool places to visit, when you are in Europe 😉


Till tomorrow,


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Where did the time go?

The time in Germany has come to an end. Today is my last day….

This week was full of fun and emotional, but today will be really emotional.

That’s why I can’t sleep and am up 5:30 in the morning writing this. The trip is almost over. Almost.

How does time fly by so fast?

From leaving my parents, to Bad Laasphe Language Camp, to Host Family, to Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years in the Alps. To the Mid-Year in Ahrweiler and Spring Break, making the end-of-year-seminar, in Berlin, conclude are meetings. Or my Uncle from California coming or taking a Europe tour by car with my Mom. All just flew by and now it’s time to come home. I will miss my friends dearly, I will cry today, I will and cannot comprehend how emotional this day will be. But I quickly planned another farewell party today and yeah, I can’t wait for that.

You know that feeling of leaving something you treasure or love? Comment down below and share your experience

To a great day,
Igor Bayluk