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A Most Beautiful Week and Hospitable Sunday

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This past week has been very beautiful and amazing and I have had a great time connecting and getting to know my friends and classmates better. I completed 5 big exams during the last week as well as presentations as well as had a lot of fun. Today has been the most exciting of all, to finally take a break and relax during my final exams. I understand it may not be the most traditional way of doing things, but while all my classmates are stressed out and trying to cram the last bit of information in, I am aiming to really relax and feel good when it comes to my exams. I personally believe that if I studied hard and learned the knowledge throughout the semester, I am prepared for the exams and I studied a bit beforehand but overall I feel ready. Today was more about reconnecting with my friends and taking it easy and stepping into the exams tomorrow with a fresh mind and feeling relaxed.

Firstly, I want to reflect on finally getting used to Montreux, Switzerland a bit more and starting to finally fit in. I’m finally starting to understand Swiss neutrality more and the diplomacy of the country and it’s people. Additionally, the fact that people have their work life and private life balance and therefore aren’t open 24/7 and that quality comes before quantity. Of course prices are more, but things are hand-made and crafted and take time and labour, rather than other countries where machines manufacture everything under the sun and quality is affected. Moreover, I really am getting used to and enjoy the Swiss style of clothing and atmosphere, it almost reminds me of the 50’s and 60’s to a calmer, more peaceful time, where life was more relaxed, more simple and people simply enjoyed it more without the rigamaro of the busy city life or rushing to work and high stress. Don’t get me wrong, people work very hard here and can be stressed too, but I think the work-life balance is much more destinct and cultural.

Since I am studying hospitality, I wanted to show you some of the Swiss hospitality and talk about what it’s like. Today, for example, I slept in and really had a great time waking up when I wanted to and watched a movie. Afterwards, I did some studying and prepared for my upcoming exams.

Afterwards, I went to the Sunday brunch at the Fairmont Montreux which was a magical experience. I went with our dear family friend Monica, which owns a beautiful annex up in the mountains of Montreux and is a superhost by Airbnb (you can read more about her Airbnb about my Gstaad Palace post). We got to know her very well with my family and she is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I invited her for brunch together and had an amazing time. From the beautiful live piano music that echoed through the vast hall of the 5 star palace to the exquisite swiss pasteries, cheeses, meat and assortments of food and hospitable staff, it was an incredible experience. If you are ever in the area of Montreux, I definetly recommend to reserve a table for the sunday brunch to enjoy a true and authentic swiss dining experience.

Afterwards, I played video games with my friend Daniil and talked a bit. Finally, to conclude the evening, I went up to the Hotel Victoria, situaed in Glion, above the Geneva lake and enjoyed some delicious tea and ice cream with my friend Gioele. Afterwards, we layed on the reclining seats and enjoyed the amazing views and sun and had a delicious dinner of gnocci with tomato sauce, fresh from the alpine garden of the Victoria with freshly baked bread. It was stunning.

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All in all, it was a fantastic day and week and my last week of school will be next week for my final exams and then off to vacation, before coming back to term 5 in a couple of weeks! I’m literally pinching myself everyday living here as it is such an amazing and one-of-a-kind environment. Nevertheless, it’s definetly time to go see my family again and take a break. I’ll do a little more studying tonight and I am ready to go conquer those exams!

Have a most delightful Sunday and take care,


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A passionate Swiss hotelier with a love for adventure, entrepreneurship, experiencing cultures and people.

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