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The Montreux Riviera | Home to Hospitality, Jazz and Breathtaking Views

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Nestled in the top, right corner of the beautiful lake Geneva sits the Montreux Riviera, under the majestic backdrop of the white, snowy Alps. Montreux has a population of approximately 25,000 inhbitants and is home to none other than Montreux Jazz Festival, Fete de Vinerons and many other regional and international events. Montreux is a beautiful place to live, relax and study. From the smell of freshly baked croissants and bread in the mornings coming from the bakeries to  swiss pasteries, the food culture of the region is immaculate. And if you are interested in mountain biking, photography, sailing, hiking or simply getting some fresh air and wellness, Montreux is the perfect place to be.

Not only are there many things to do in the region, but it is also the birthplace of Swiss hospitality many years ago. Many wealthy individuals and celebrities began traveling to the Swiss Riviera and Alps to ski and enjoy the healthy climate and promise of alpine adventure. Such guests demanded exquisite service tailored to precision and the highest of standards, thus Swiss hospitality was born. Swiss hospitality brought many important innovation to the industry, from precision, timemanagement, discretion and attention to detail among many other things, being the place to study all things hospitality. This is the reason why I chose to come to Switzerland to do my studies at Hotel Institute Montreux. Last week, I attended a masterclass at Hotel Institute Montreux, with Ben, who I now call my photo sensai. He taught me how to capture and edit photos, in which I applied to this blog post to provide you with some photos of the area.

Studying swiss hospitality and business administration in Montreux is a very rigorous, yet rewarding experience. Curriculum is composed of theoretical and practical classes, with mandatory internships between semesters around the world. The theory taught at school seamlessly merges with real-world application, which makes all the difference. Additionally, this education and internships taught me how to work with people from different nationalities and cultures in new environments and make new friends. I learned a lot more about business and feel much more confident and informed when it comes to starting my own businesses in the future and the investment is worth it.

Somedays, it’s difficult to live in Switzerland. In comparison to the USA, businesses close early, many places only take cash and the convenience of getting anything you want to buy is very difficult. Amazon is limited if even available, prices are expensive and it’s very old-fashioned at times. Additionally, the Swiss are very punctual and even plan weeks ahead to meet with friends, which I can’t get past because I usually meet my friends in the spur of the moment. These are some things that make me miss home.

Nevertheless, when it comes to hospitality and entreprenerial education, I find my current education far superior. It’s not a typical university, as my school is a private school. I am challenged daily, pushed to my limits and learn a lot of information that I can apply to my life. From events and banquets and learning managerial financial management and accounting, to learning real-world marketing, business presentations, resort planning, business plans, housekeeping, web design and coding, masterclasses, front office management, management and leadership, school trips and more, there is always more to do than time available and so much to learn. I stay busy, learn a lot and have fun too!

Montreux is a beautiful place to live and going for a run, hiking or simply stepping outside one already feels relaxed and at ease. It is a beautiful location, inspiring study environment and I’m happy to call it my temporary home away from home. And when I’m not studying, I like to enjoy the view.

Stay tuned for next week…I will definetly do some traveling and take some more pictures, history and moments in Switzerland and look forward to sharing them with you. If you are interested in learning more about living in Switzerland, my current education or anything, just leave a comment below and I’ll follow up with you. Until next time and

A bientot (see you soon)

– Igor

Author: Igor Miller

A passionate Swiss hotelier with a love for adventure, entrepreneurship, experiencing cultures and people.

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