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A Day in my Life as an HIM Student

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(above picture of me and my best friend having lunch break)

Hello everyone,

This week has been a blast yet again and even better, the sun has finally emerged and the rain has passed…time to wear shorts and t-shirts again!

School is going well too and busy as always working on all my different projects, but it’s very fun and boy am I gaining a lot of knowledge. This week alone I learned a few new programming languages, handled successes and rejections with surveying businesses and communities and read a few books on different subjects.

Classes were cool and we even did an excursion to a local communications company. We presented our own countries and apparently I won a prize to meet a local Swiss family, have an operative with them and talk to them more about the USA. USA represent! 😀

I wanted to keep this blog writing short, because I recorded a short video for you that was also featured on the school’s Instagram page…. I hope you enjoy it and get a cool sneak peak as to a day in my life as a student here in Switzerland.

I can’t wait for this weekend and next week. Friday, we are having Tropical theme night with beer pong, karaoke and student bar and this weekend we are taking a trip to Europa Park, which will be amazing. It is one of the largest and best roller coaster parks in Germany and it’s going to be a blast.

Anyway… now off to do some more homework and get to bed. It’s getting late and I gotta wake up early tomorrow!

Have a great day and look forward to updating you next week on the great things ahead.


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A passionate Swiss hotelier with a love for adventure, entrepreneurship, experiencing cultures and people.

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