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Arrival in Switzerland!

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After saying my teary goodbyes to my family, I am off again on a new and exciting adventure. I flew off to Frankfurt a 5PM on February 1st, 2018. I decided to spare some money and see the German and Swiss countryside by train from Frankfurt to Caux, which turned out to be a wonderful decision.


Take-off at Charlotte Douglas


Floating above the clouds




Surprisingly, the plane was 2/3 empty so I had two seats to sleep,  stretch out in and watch some great comedies. The plane landed in Frankfurt at 6AM.



I then go to Starbucks at the Frankfurt airport train station and relaxed until boarding my train to Basel, Switzerland. I went from Frankfurt to Basel, Basel to Bern, Bern to Lausanne, Lausanne to Montreux, and finally, from Montreux, via cable car through the Swiss riviera to my new home in Caux.

TIP: I highly recommend traveling 1st class with the Deutsche Bahn. From $20-40 extra, you can enjoy traveling in a quiet room called a Ruhecabine (direct translation “Peace Cabin”) with layback comfy seats, pillows, complimentary work table with on-baord Wifi, restrooms, absolute silence and a cabin butler who will serve food and refreshments. For that price (for all 5 trains I boarded), it’s a steal!

Finally, I arrived to the Swiss Riviera.

Traveling up the snowy mountain pass to Caux Palace.

The views

Finally, I arrived. After meeting a few students, I set off to my dorm room and met my new room mate from Hong Kong. As we were all “recharging” from our long trips, we had dinner and quickly went to bed.


I did happen to get a quick photo in from my balcony before it got dark over the Alps.

In the next few days, once school starts, I will take more pictures and update you! Until then, have a fantastic weekend and I hope you enjoy the pictures!


Igor Travels Abroad



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A passionate Swiss hotelier with a love for adventure, entrepreneurship, experiencing cultures and people.

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