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Traveling to Bonn, home of Gummy Bears, Beethoven, old Capital of Germany and Lust of Lexus (the show)….

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We first got lost and found an old trailer at the address we put in. Then, after stopping by the gas station, running squealing to the bathroom and buying peanuts, I was ready to go!

This afternoon, my host-family and I went off to Bonn, because my host-dad has an exhibition there for the company he is the boss of. Here is some of the pictures of the exhibition. If your interested in having fantastic, custom made furniture, consider this company. They are international and have made the furniture for huge companies, Berlin Opera House, a wide variety of German banks and so much more! (they made everything in the picture below, including the glass).



Later, we explored the hotel, where it was located (5+ Stars with my host-dad’s company help make), and had a few little desserts to eat. I also got to see a wonderful view of the Rhine River.




Today was also the Bonn marathon. I am training for a half-marathon next month. Yes, in Germany, one must be 18 to run a full marathon! HOW DUMB? You can drink at 16, but run at 18? Okay….

A car  I liked at the exhibition.



And finally, meeting and talking to Jan Kralitschka, the Bachelor of Germany.


Hope you enjoyed the peaceful Sunday update. I definitely found the day fun.

Best to you,



Author: Igor Miller

A passionate Swiss hotelier with a love for adventure, entrepreneurship, experiencing cultures and people.

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