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Time flies, whether your having fun or not

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I am enthused and happy about this whole scholarship. A few people I have helped out this year with CBYX have been accepted as well as another, who I am sure will get accepted; she’s still waiting for the announcement. This year many more people applied, which I believe is to do with how many blogs and new information about CBYX has been out.

I am eager to release a few blog posts next month, as I will be in Berlin and Amsterdam. I will be sure to take some good photos to share with y’all.


So far in the past few weeks I have been going to school, doing homework, mountain biking and building and repairing computers for people. It has been much fun and when I return to the states and after graduation, I plan to start my own business building custom builds and repairing PC’s for people, so if your having problems, you know who to contact 😉


German life is exciting and I have finally really adjusted and gotten into the rhythm of life. Last week, I went to visit some family friends of my aunt, who live in Bielefeld, also readers of my blog :).


I arrived late Friday evening, after encountering numerous obstacles on the train, such as a horse-jam. There were horses walking on the train tracks 😀 This caused me to miss my next train to Bielefeld. I could have gotten there in an hour and a half if I payed the normal amount. I’m a cheapskate and I payed for the slowest and cheapest thing to get me there (hey, I saved 60€!) On arrival, we ate dinner at their home and talked about life and the following day. The next day, we visited a Burg (a word for castle) near Halle, then ate ice cream at the local ice-cream parlor.


That day, we rode a total of 21km by bike. Later, I went with Sara, the daughter of the family I visited, to Bielefeld, saw another castle, then we went to a Flea Market, where I purchased shin guards, an old antique laptop for 5€ that didn’t work and a translator.


image3 image2 image6

We then went to a really nice Greek restaurant and had many yummy things to eat. Finally, I went with Sara to an “American Beach Party” at 9pm, which was a birthday party for 2 girls and almost 50 people showed up. I was a little shy in the beginning, but after 20 minutes I was talking with everybody and we were all dancing, having fun and enjoying the night, until around 5am the next morning. The music was great!

I got around three hours of sleep, then went with the family to a cafe in Halle, then we went to the train station, where I went home. It was quite boring on the train, since it took almost 7 hours to get home (cheapskate!)


Afterwards, I got home and this week of school was okay. Here are some unusual things in Germany.


There’s water called Ass Classic and Santa’s Reindeer live about a mile from my house (:-D)






5 weeks of school left before I am home. Exactly 10 weeks total from today, not counting school.


Time flies, whether your having fun or not :/


Have a good weekend,



I fixed the laptop and it turns out to be extremely rare and expensive. See if you can find it anywhere on the internet. It’s called the IPC Radeance R-400C 🙂 If you do leave a comment below. If you don’t, leave a comment below. 😉


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