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Ambassador Alert: Having Tons of Fun Basking in the Spring Sun and Downhill MTB

The past few days have been absolutely wonderful. I have spent tons of time outside biking, helping my host family and getting ready for my ambassador project next Tuesday. I will be presenting a fun presentation to kids with my German “Congressman” and will be baking, talking about America and doing fun things.

Speaking of biking, I have made a few videos with my Action Cam if you are interested. You cannot really see how steep it is (about 50-80 degrees) and is tons of fun! And the sun and weather is great, typically in the 70’s and a nice breeze. The middle of Spring is finally here!




Have a great day and also, I wanted to give a shout out to a few special people who got the 2014-15 scholarship to go to Germany that I helped (well all the ones I helped got it 😀 ) Yöü rock guys and girls and have a long, but amazing year ahead of you!!!


Till the next post, Igor

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The Most Important 7 Minutes and 22 seconds of your Life

I recently conducted a survey on this site asking for what things people would like to read and learn. One was the CBYX Program, the other was Travel, the third was Life Lessons.


After hours of searching, I came upon one video that I think must be watched. It will only take 7 Minutes and 22 Seconds of our life. What if those few minutes could change your life? Would it be worth watching it?


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Would you like to be a guest-Author on Igor Travels Abroad?

Have you traveled before and are very enthused about it?  Do you dream to travel and just want to express how it could benefit you?


Here’s your chance to be able to write a blog post on Igor Travels Abroad! To apply, one needs to supply their name, email and a sample of your works (length doesn’t matter). The deadline is by the end of this week, Sunday. Then a lucky winner will be chosen to be able to write a blog post as well as a link to his or her blog 😉  It doesn’t matter where you come from.


Have at it!