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The past few days have been quite fun and entertaining. I haven’t been able to sleep as much and I don’t know why, but hopefully that will go away soon. In the past few weeks, I have been averaging 6-7 hours of sleep every night, compared to 9 or 10 at home. I’m sometimes tired,but just don’t go to sleep. Monday was a quite typical day and I found it to be good. I did not that much to do, well, except for staying until the 8th period ends everyday, until tomorrow, but it’s fine.

I had two free periods on Monday and then, I went to a neighbouring town named Eitorf by train, just a few minutes away from school. There, I went to the supermarket, ALDI, and bought 10€ to put on my phone and a really yummy chocolate bar. The direct translation of the bar was, “Tree Bark” and had a thick layer of marzipan inside. I was astonished it only cost €0,25. I haven’t bought anything that high quality and cheap before; it was probably just on sale. I then went inside of an electronic street shop, where I will look at possibly buying a tablet in the future. It is quite nice, because the tablets I found on the internet are only around $65, with an HD Display, a 1.8 GHz processor, 32 GB storage, and so forth. Yes, geeky me. I then went back to school and…. Learned things (surprise)!

Sometimes school is extremely boring, because I don’t understand much of the language, i.o.w. Physics class. It is not because I don’t understand German in general, but because the scientific language, or Naturewissenschaftsprache, is complex. After school, I did my homework, programmed my laptop to run on Android OS inside of Linux, and had dinner. Afterwards, I went over to my host grandparents and spend a few hours repairing their computer; I will again today too. It has four Trojan viruses and was very slow. I got the boot time from 4 minutes to 27 seconds, which, if you know, is fast for Windows XP.

Yesterday, I went to my Betreuer’s house after school and baked cookies. I really enjoyed school that day, because of Math class. I learned how to find the area of things like this (find the area of the green):


Yes, I find that fun. Anyway, we made cookies from our family secret recipe, but I messed up terribly making them. Instead of using corn starch for the icing, I used corn flour. And since molasses isn’t known or found around where I live, I found something on the internet saying you can mix maple syrup with brown sugar (50/50), but that was bad. Nevertheless, the cookies turned out to be… well…

Today, I had English and art class ( for now ) . Yes, I am writing this post during my lunch. After I am done, I will go down to the Cafe and get something to eat. Anyway, in art we have a Schule Kunst Project, aka School Art Project, and I chose to compete with my hat I made (a few blog posts below). It is a little big, but I wear it everyday, because it looks very funny, and, well, I made it 😀 I am wondering what I will get for participating, but we will see. After school, I will do my math homework and then go on to repair his PC. As we say in Germany (directly translated) It will make fun doing it.

So, stay tuned for blog updates, pictures, and so forth, and if you can, please complete the 10 second poll below, about my blog site and what is something you like there to be more of.

And as usual, let someone know about this blog! One of my jobs is to make the relationship between Germany and the USA better, and this is one great way of doing it. So, if you let someone know, by talking, email, etc.  it will eventually get to more people, meaning more views, meaning more people understanding, meaning breaking stereotypes and uniting others, meaning, well, you get the picture :).

Have a wonderful day! I will try to as well.

Kind Regards, Igor

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A passionate Swiss hotelier with a love for adventure, entrepreneurship, experiencing cultures and people.

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