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Lecker, Lecker!


Life here is great.

Currently I have 2 free periods in school, so I went for a 40 minute walk and now I am here.

I am here, sitting in a Café, drinking a warm Cappuchino with one teaspoon of sugar, a Fleish Brotchën with lettuce and cheese, and a KitKat, reading a new book about personal finance and entrepeneurship. Life is so great. It’s the freedom of doing what you want to do, when you want to do it, and that is beautiful. Nobody or nothing stopping you. Having no obligations, meetings, and places to be.

Everyone is always going somewhere to do something. Take a moment and observe, whether your’e at school, work, wherever.

Never have I really seen a person, just strolling around, and not having to be somewhere. Life is beautiful and it is tragic some people don’t make the most of it. There is nothing to be shy about, unless you are doing something wrong.

For the past two months, I have observed some the food, culture, people, houses, and ethics of the German people.

Today, I wish to talk about food, as I have percieved it.

A typical German breakfast consists of:


I, personally, almost every morning for breakfast, have two to three pieces of whole wheat bread spread with butter. Ontop, a piece of Gouda cheese, and a slice of fleishwurst. The slice is like a thin slice of ham one would get at the store, but different meat types. I like to drink a cup of peppermint tea with milk and sugar, then a homemade yogurt, from the yogurt machine. Lecker, Lecker! (Yummy, Yummy!). Then, I pack two or three Kaiser Brötchens with me to school and a liter of sparkling water. Everyone here drinks sparkling water.

At school, during free breaks, I go to town and do exactly as I am doing now (which I wrote at the top 😉 )

I usually play card games in the Bisto, with some people I have met. We play my favorite and only card games know, Durak and Bull Shit.

For dinner, I like to help cook. Today, I will be making American omlets with Würstchen for dinner. Most people don’t eat omlets for breakfast surprisingly. Dinner generally consists of meat and veggies, in my family. I have been told a many German people don’t eat very healthy, like we do. It is wonderful and everyday I am excited to try something new.

Well, off to school.

Tschüss und Schön Tag!

Author: Igor Miller

A passionate Swiss hotelier with a love for adventure, entrepreneurship, experiencing cultures and people.

2 thoughts on “Lecker, Lecker!

  1. Sounds like you eat a lot of bread. Will we recognize you when you get back. How much weight have you gained? Nevertheless, enjoy your experience, we don’t know the next time such an opportunity will come your way again. You have a beautiful life, I wish I could put it in a bottle and share with a few students here.

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