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"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take."

The Application Process Will Start Soon!

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Hello and welcome to my blog if you are reading this for the first time!

Almost a year ago, I heard about the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange Scholarship from my mom. I found out about it when my mom’s, co-worker told her that her son when on it previously and loved it. And I said, “What the heck! Why don’t I try? That would be cool to travel. I like challenges and it would help my career tremendously. It will make me better and more mature and confident.”

Almost a year ago I applied and completed the strenuous application and after a week or two, I thought everything way great. I checked it to more times and clicked:Image

 Submit your complete pre application

And that was it. It must have been 3 months before on the drive home, on a rainy day with my mom,

she said, “I have some good news.”


“You have an interview!”

I was so excited. When I was in Russia during that winter break, I wrote down some goals that I wanted to achieve, on new years (I suggest you do the same and everyday do something that get’s you closer to what you wrote down).

I know one for sure was to go to Germany.

I went to the interview and did pretty good.

And I was happy. I was happy that I got in. I was happy for what I have. I was happy for where I have gotten.

That morning. That morning I was to find out. Did I get in,

or not?

And it was so quiet that morning.

I got up and did my usual morning things, like getting out of bed, took a long-shower, ate, brushed my teeth, and got my backpack.

My mom let me sleep in and took me to school, while we listened to calm classical music and rode on the quiet country road. I looked at North Carolina.

Nothing happened that whole day during school. No calls, no anything. I went off to tennis practice. “What was the news?”

and after practice, my dad said,

“You made it.”

I’m crying now, just writing this. A year ago, I was home and here I am at my new home, 6000 miles away.

That day drifted by like I was daydreaming. It was so strange. It just floated away effortlessly, like a cloud. Floated right by.

Time flew by, but where did it all go?

You need to be dumb to not apply for this scholarship. You need to take advantage of what you have in life. What is around you is important and you need to look at it and take steps that you normally wouldn’t take. Cross your comfort zone, but not your personal boundary.

Step out of where you always were and explore. See the world.

Learn new people.

Make new friends.

And experience happiness:

It’s your time to try to travel. It’s your moment to have the best year of your life and find out about scholarship. It’s your turn to step it up in school, academically and physically and be qualified to get in.



And it’s not only for Americans! Germans, you can check out the program by contacting Experiment e.V. and visiting http://www.experiment-ev.de/


Tip #1: Help others whenever you have the chance.

Don’t expect anything in return.

Author: Igor Miller

A passionate Swiss hotelier with a love for adventure, entrepreneurship, experiencing cultures and people.

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