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My German Adventure Begins NOW


So I finally can update my blog and let everyone know some great information about what has happened in the last few days!


After many hugs, cries, and sobbing with lifetime friends I made over the three week camp, I departed Schloss Wittgenstein on the 31st of September and began my journey as a resident and student-ambassador of Germany. We drove 90 kilometers in an amazing BMW that goes up to 250km per hour/ 155mph. On the way home, we drove up to 120 mph, which was very fun. I watched the rolling hills and surrounding area of my “American Island” disappear and I was finally in the real Germany. Everything is different and the one thing one must be able to grasp on a program like this is change. It makes me sad and happy being here for the past few days, because I am trying to adjust being here and saying goodbye to all the people. Life is short and live it to the fullest. You will understand someday, if you don’t already.


I am so happy to be with my new family though! They are awesome of the kindest, nicest, heartwarming, funny, and remarkable people I have ever met. The food is absolutely to die for and the house and environment is superb. There is one area I saw the first day here, where you exit the woods and sit down on a bench, When you look right, the view is so beautiful, even 1000 words couldn’t describe it. The weather is perfect for me, being cloudy, cold, and fresh air. I love it here and I couldn’t be happier.


On August 31st, I left Schloss W. at 12:30 and arrived home about an hour later. We stopped some places so my dad could take some pictures of the furniture he made so he would get credit for making it, or something like that. My host brother and I talked the whole time about everything that popped into our minds and it was a far car ride. One of the funniest moments was when my dad said, in German, “Yes, he understands everything we are saying…… and talked for 20 more seconds in German, finally ending his last sentence with a question directed towards me, then I said “Was?”, which means What? in German. We all laughed very hard.


When we arrived home, I unpacked, got a tour of the house, and they asked me what I wanted to do. The brother and father had to go cut trees down infested by Bark Beetles and I decided to help. We lined the tractor up with a pulley system that pulls the tree you would cut down, so it falls were you want it to.


After cutting down 4 trees, I went home with my host-mom and my host-dog Bella. Everyone, including myself, helped cook the meal and we ate. The meat was really good and I enjoyed it, apart from being very shy because I didn’t understand much of what they were saying. My mom and brother speak English well and everyone uses my brother for translating 😀

On Sunday, I met grandpa and my hostmom, dad, and brother went off to an airshow, which was the most amazing thing! I even got to see the world’s best glider pilot (current) fly, and one of the planes was 400 horsepower. The coolest stunt it did was that it flew straight up, applied full power, and hovered in the sky like a helicopter for a minute or so! Wow!


The next day, it felt strange to wake up in a new house, new town, new country, and everything was new. After my brother picked up his friend at the train station in the families’ John Deer tractor, we had breakfast and went off to the woods. It was so fun driving with my 16yr old host-brother to the forest, in the tractor. There, we worked for eight hours, with them asking me if it was fine working for so long, and I said yes. I really enjoy working in the forest and it is quite relaxing and takes your mind off the stress factors of being away from everyone you used to know.

We had dinner and my favorite part was the Malz Bier, a non-alcoholic beer that is superb. We then went into the cellar and got the tools ready for tomorrow. I taught everyone how to sharpen a chainsaw a new way and everyone was happy because it was so much sharper than the other way they sharpened it.

I woke up this morning with a stomach ache, so after breakfast I layed down and relaxed. I later Skyped my mom, and now I am writing this update. In 40 minutes, I will go to the resident registration office, so I can register and say that I, Igor Bayluk, am officially living here.

 Can’t wait for tomorrow! That’s when school starts!!! 🙂

I look forward until the next blog post my friend and from the bottom of my heart, wish you the best. Live life everyday like it’s your last day on this earth and be happy, no matter what!







Author: Igor Miller

A passionate Swiss hotelier with a love for adventure, entrepreneurship, experiencing cultures and people.

2 thoughts on “My German Adventure Begins NOW

  1. Hi Igor !

    Willkommen in Deutschland.

    So glad that you find a good accomodation and a caring hostfamily.

    Have a good time !!


  2. Hello Igor, sounds like you are having the time of your life. So glad for the opportunities you have and I know you will make the best of all of them. Love reading your post. Be safe.
    Mrs. Peck

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