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August 7th- I leave family tomorrow


Well, this is almost it.

I will be gone in 13 hours. Lucky number 13.


I am finishing the introduction in my book and will soon begin a new chapter, not just of my book, but my life. If you’re interested in getting it, comment below please. It is called, “A Life in the Year of a Student-Ambassador”.

It is all bittersweet. Bitter and Sweet.

Not a poisoned frappuccino at Starbucks (too strong), nor a crash from an energy drink (also too strong).

I don’t think my sister will understand I will be gone so long.

I will update this tomorrow, before I head out.


Off to read my last bedtime story to my sister for 11 months.




Author: Igor Miller

A passionate Swiss hotelier with a love for adventure, entrepreneurship, experiencing cultures and people.

3 thoughts on “August 7th- I leave family tomorrow

  1. Safe Trip to Germany and ein herzliches Willkommen in Deutschland

  2. Hey Igor, hope you have a great trip! I know it’s hard to leave your family, especially your sister, but you’re going to have a great experience. Your friends like Sam and I are going to miss you too, man! Looking forward to reading about everything you’re doing. Have fun! ~ Casey

  3. You are already missed. Enjoy the journey. I anticipate you book to be just as interesting as you – funny serious and full of information

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