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My Book and poem!


After much thought, I have come to the conclusion that I will write a book about traveling abroad, in order to establish a better relationship between Germany and America and promote foreign exchange, including Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange.

I have already started!

I will have it published after CBYX is over and think this is an outstanding thing to do, since that is the mission of CBYX and CIEE.

Also a poem:


Go Germany,

I can’t wait!

Where is my host family?

It’s so late!

Two months left,

Before I depart

I love travel and this poem stinks!



Author: Igor Miller

A passionate Swiss hotelier with a love for adventure, entrepreneurship, experiencing cultures and people.

4 thoughts on “My Book and poem!

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  2. Can’t wait to read your book. At least your poem can’t be misinterpreted! ;-D. Have a blast, Igor!

  3. Haha, Sounds like you are having the time of your life!

  4. The most important thing is that you started. Regardless of how many pages this book will end up with, I’d like to place my order now.

    I’m excited for you.

    Sgt Z

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