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Exchange – What is it?

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> What is Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX)?

       Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange is a program developed after World War II, by America and Germany, in order for the two countries to have better relations with each other; essentially it is a global outreach program. Germany has changed substantially since the war, especially their rights as citizens as well as freedom. It is illegal to do many things that happened back then and is even one of the best countries to live in currently in the world. They have one of the best educational systems, very good safety, as well as an excellent foreign policy. CBYX works together with Experiment e.V. and U.S. Department of State, and is fully funded by the US government, as well as the German Bundestag (their version on Congress).

       The program gives a rigorous application to those that are interested (see below for tips with that). After the application is submitted, the usual deadline being around November, you have to wait a grueling four months, yes 4, in order to find out if you have received an interview. If so, the program interview lasts for about 6 hours. There are two parts, the first being a group, and the second being an individual interview  ( I found it very fun and cool to meet all those smart and friendly people and look forward to meeting you in August guys and gals :). Anyway, after the interview, you have to now wait another month before you find out if you are a finalist. Here is how CBYX-CIEE (the program that works with CBYX and Department of State) narrows down its applications (numerical) for the southeast region:

       Approximately 1200 applied-> 15 were chosen for the interview-> 6 were finalists, So a 1/200 or .5 percent chance of getting chosen. 

       Now, I am saying this in order to tell you it is a very hard program to get into, but the benefits of getting it are life changing, which I will experience on August 10th :/ . I don’t know what to think now, the though make me scared and excited at the same time. “Ahhhh……, I don’t know what to think.”

I thought, “Ha, this might be cool to do “, since my mom’s friend’s son’s sister’s daughter’s nephew’s uncle’s…. Just kidding. My mom’s friend’s son went 10 years ago, so I though it might be interesting to try. So I did, and next thing you know, I got the interview. It turns out 50 or less are chosen each year (I found that out last weekend). Look out Deutschland, Here I come!!!


For more info, please visit www.usagermanyscholarship.org and SPREAD THE WORD!

If you know anyone who is interested, let them know!

Who knows? They just might get accepted.

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A passionate Swiss hotelier with a love for adventure, entrepreneurship, experiencing cultures and people.

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