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Tips for fellow applicants : CBYX 2014-15

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I used the picture above for my cover application. It is professional, sharp, and clear. When you are applying, choose a picture that most fits and depicts your personality a little, but let them know, “I am serious!”. Remember, the picture is their first impression, so make it very good! Dress in nice clothing (in my case JROTC uniform, since it’s sharp.) I wanted to wear the AFJROTC uniform, because Germany is a highly disciplined country, and every host parent want a disciplined child, right?

2) Student Application & Statistical Data

This is very simple, but important. Make sure you give all the correct information about yourself, as well as congressional district info!

3) Summarize Your Activities, Awards and Interests

Spend A LOT of time on this! Be truthful! Put down everything from walking a neighbor’s dog to a National Award given straight from the President himself! Get a piece of paper and just write everything you have ever done.

4) Short Essays

This is the most valuable part, because they want to hear from you! This is your time to shine, so tell them everything about yourself, but do this. Open up Word and an essay at a time  (250 words), preferably 2-3 a day. Don’t rush. Develop clear, concise, and important essays. An example of mine is:

~ Choose one of the activities you listed on Part C and describe your participation in depth. What difference has it made in your life and in the lives of others?

I have previously played sports involving running such as soccer and tennis.  I have been running competitively for 3 years and just qualified for states, during the application process. I love distance running and frequently go out for a 10-mile jog, on Saturdays. Running has taught me many beneficial things such as teamwork, perseverance, integrity, setting and accomplishing goals, better health and endurance, appreciation, and giving me the knowledge of knowing I can do anything I set my mind to. Many people think that cross-country running is just plain running. In fact, cross-country teaches you how to live your life. I can best relate the cross-country course to life. There is a start and an end. You begin at the start (when you’re born) and have many people competing against you. There are many obstacles, such as hills (complications in life) that you have to get past so you can succeed. The spectators are cheering you on (your friends in life) and helping you achieve your goals. If you cheat you are disqualified (if you do something illegal in life, you are stopped); your purpose is to help others and then yourself to get to the finish line. I have participated in numerous races and one of my goals is to run in the 2016 Olympic marathon. I ran in a marathon a few months ago, but unfortunately did not finish. This taught me to keep pushing towards my goals even more and to give them my best.


Notice how clear it is? Answer the question. DON’T ramble over and over again about nonsense!

Ok, so done writing? Print it out, and have your parents check it. Now, have your teacher (preferably with a BA in English/Grammar 🙂 check it. Now just read it over, and select it by pressing Ctrl + A, then Ctrl + C (copy), then Ctrl + V (paste) in the application. After you finish, click SAVE!!!!

AGAIN, This is the Most Important Part! Do Not Rush It!


5) Host Family letter

This is your families first impression of you, so make it good. Here’s an example of one: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081129220459AAXEwd0
6)Medical ?’s

Just answer the questions, but don’t start saying something, if you have something extremely minute with you. Only answer the question.

7) Media Release Info

Find the nearest Newspaper near you and fill in their info.

8) Academic Info

Fill in the right info. See your counselor and request an official HS transcript, with a notary stamp, unsealed. Scan the transcript and attach it. Don’t lie about your grades; the evidence is below.

9) Academic Certification

Download the .pdf . If you don’t have PDF, go to adobe.com, and under downloads get Adobe Reader/ PDF viewer. Fill in the info and scan and attach it.

10) Recommendations

Find your favorite teachers that like you the most and gave you the highest grades and get recommendations from them. Put them each in a separate envelope, seal it, get the teacher to sign the opening, then put it in a folder and ship it off to CBYX.


You’re not done yet! Leave it alone for a week and check it again.


Now correct any errors and send it!


Now you’re done!

Here’s a video to sum it up….

Author: Igor Miller

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One thought on “Tips for fellow applicants : CBYX 2014-15

  1. Hello Igor! I am going to apply for the CBYX scholarship and was wondering if I could have your assistance! Thanks.
    – Payton

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