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Your Greatness is Limited Only by the Investments You Make in Yourself

So, within the past two weeks I finally got my first company sold off (2.5x multiple) to two amazing entrepreneurs that have big plans for growing it to become a dominant force in the industry. I’m super excited for them and know that they will do amazing things with the company. I’m really proud of the fact that at the young age of 21, I have been able to start my first “official” company when I graduated from high school, grow it to being in 8 countries worldwide, automate it and sell it. The tireless hours of hard-work, patience and determination have paid off, moreover the experience of knowing how to do such things.

I celebrated with a $3 strawberry shake from McDonalds, put the money to the side and back at it to work. I did also enjoy a fantastic free meal from our Swiss hotel school training restaurant, One5.

I’ve now founded a new company with two partners that will be the next big brand in the pet care industry. I’m very excited as our launch date is October 1st, making for a very hard-working and involved month and we are just getting started. I see our company being in large retail stores in the US and being very successful and am so excited to be working daily towards making this vision a true reality.

Apart from this, I’ve passed through a big application process for my dream job, working with Grant Cardone‘s office of 30 in executing sales. Grant Cardone is the world’s number one sales trainer and a successful entrepreneur with 1.2B in assets under management. As soon as school ends, I’m on a plane to Miami for the interview and then going home to see family, I cannot wait!

Overall, finally, school is coming to an end within the next few weeks and I can’t wait to see family. I’m doing a lot of projects for my financial specialization, such as stock analysis and sustainable investing. Classes do become useful with financials, for example learning how to do a capital budget creation and analysis to see if a project will be successful or not was something we learned in class. At the same time, I did the same thing for my business plan to present to investors. It is basic but needed and important.

Last but not least, I’m doing very well, health is great and inspired on a daily basis to work. Moreover, with hospitality, I’m glad to soon finish my studies and get my Swiss Diploma. I do see that I want to long-term also get into real estate and own my own hotels in the future. It is one business that is actually two business, firstly a hotel generating revenue and also real-estate. My degree is super useful to have an overall knowledge on how to make something work well in the space. I did take a little break for the first time in a month and went bowling with students.

You never know how what you’re doing now will be useful in your future and tie together. Life is amazing and has a tendency to do that. It’s happening for you, not to you. So keep your head help up high, hopes up, eyes open and work hard. You never know what you might get that you once dreamed of.

Talk to you soon and wishing you the best wherever you are reading in from!

Be great, Igor



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Thinking bigger

It’s been an insanely busy couple of weeks, yet insanely rewarding as well. I feel back on track and 100% focused and committed on my purposes and goals.

After getting back from Austria, I really doubled down on work. To start, I eliminated all my spending habits and closed my credit cards and told myself from now on, I’m going to be living like I’m broke while saving my money. The most I spent in two weeks since was $1.75 on bleach to clean my white shirts in the sink and $12 on a 8 pack of ramen noodles when I get hungry. No expenses. Pure income.

Why the insanity? Because in order to be successful you gotta be obsessed. And to make money, you gotta eliminate your costs, build income and make it generate passive income.

Warren Buffet

On his five-minute drive to the office, which he’s been making for the past five decades, Buffett stops by McDonald’s and orders one of three items: two sausage patties, a sausage, egg and cheese or a bacon, egg and cheese.

“I tell my wife, as I shave in the morning, I say, ‘Either $2.61, $2.95 or $3.17.’ And she puts that amount in the little cup by me here [in the car], ” he explains in the HBO documentary, “Becoming Warren Buffett. ”

Each amount corresponds to one of his three go-to breakfast items.

“When I’m not feeling quite so prosperous, I might go with the $2.61, which is two sausage patties, and then I put them together and pour myself a Coke,” he tells the documentary director Peter Kunhardt in the McDonald’s drive-through. ”$3.17 is a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit, but the market’s down this morning, so I’ll pass up the $3.17 and go with the $2.95.”

At this age, I am focused on the long-term. Aiming for my ten, twenty and even thirty year goals. Accumulating an insane amount of wealth, health and happiness in my life. Providing for those around me. Becoming someone of value. Making an impact.

Set bigger goals. Do more. Disregard the average, you’re meant to be extraordinary.

During the past weeks, I decided to finally sell my business after four years. I started an e-commerce company right after graduating high-school which I grew to be successful and now and exiting to complete the business cycle.

I’m also already currently starting a new business with investors which I will announce to you in the coming month or two that is going to be an insanely successful business. I really look forward to it and it will be live by October.

Moreover, I do want to announce what a kick-ass education I’m getting at my school, Hotel Institute Montreux I want to give a big shout out to my professors. Apart from teaching me applicable, real-world skills that I adapt daily to my projects, my teachers have even offered to help my in things I am working on such as financial projections for business plans, etc. It’s unreal how great the staff at my university are to dedicate their time to making students goals come true. If you are interested or know someone who’s interested in studying business and hospitality, let me know. I’ll gladly find time that works for you to answer your questions and get you enrolled in an education you’ve yet to experience in your life.


Apart from this, I have been juggling school work, studying for final exams, keeping my physical health fantastic and pushing myself everyday to new limits. Creating more obligations than I know to fulfill and figuring out how to grow to a higher level to fulfill them.

There’s lots of school projects and I’m working my butt off to complete them. Moreover, I’m studying hard, getting good grades and doing what it takes to be at my best.

If you ain’t growing, you’re dying.

One recent thing that I’ve also really been focused on is education and self-development. Feeding my mind. Gathering knowledge to retrain what’s up there in my mind to think bigger. Work harder. Live better. Be happier. I’ve read 5 books this week and am keeping on track to keep at this pace and read more.


I’m also applying for my internship after this semester to make some more income, acquire new skills and have a place to work on my new online company during weekends or evenings. If you are or know someone who is hiring in Switzerland, let me know and I’ll apply.

Sure, these are small things, but little steps lead to bigger steps, which eventually lead to being full of purpose and going after that beautiful future.

We have been trained to settle for less by the naysayers that bring us down because of their inability to justify why they gave up on their dreams.

Go do you and don’t care what anyone says that doesn’t fully support your growth and goals.

Last but not least, I managed to enjoy some time with my great friend Gabrielle such as singing karaoke at last Friday’s school theme night. Party in the USA baby. Or taking some pictures during an insane thunderstorm at night on the lake.

IMG_6496 2

Stay great and talk next week,

Igor Miller



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A break to Vienna

Well the past few weeks have been super awesome and wow am I loving it at school.

To start, I’ve made some very great friends and they are absolutely incredible. The days usually begin at 9AM after a good night’s sleep and off to school to study what I love, finance and business!

Not to mention, stock trading, business evaluation, entrepreneurship, and many other great things. When my friend Alen has time, we hang out and have a great time. He’s focused on eating healthy so I couldn’t resist ordering the biggest, juiciest burger and eat it right in front of him (I’m soo mean)

Right after school, a jump in the lake to cool off with the girls as well as football session with the guys is the best accompanied with some video games and most importantly studying (of course)!

Recently, my specialization even inspired me to begin doing investing and stock trading, so now my goal is to make enough money to afford the next two terms of school tuition that away.

Apart from school, I’ve really been focusing on all my different areas of life, from exercising and running to maintain health, and date a lot more. With my personal development coach, we’ve made a goal for me which is now to go on 100 dates to become better at dating and just enjoy spending time with more girls and of course…meet the girl I love. Nevertheless, I’ve already met a girl I like very much so we will see how that goes. 😛

Exams were great and I felt really confident. I decided to spontaneously fly out to Vienna and got myself an Airbnb for a few days while exploring the city, sleeping a bit more to catch up on the hard work I’ve been putting in and work on the important things where I can think a bit.

I’m also applying for finance internships and if you are reading this in Switzerland and hiring, let’s get in touch!

Otherwise, watching movies, visiting museums (Sigmund Freud and Mozart home for example) and eating like a king! Otherwise, riding around the city on a electric scooter and touring it at 35kmh is also great!

Overall, I’m ecstatic being able to study in such a beautiful location with beautiful friends, education and right in the center of Europe.

Now to finish my Almdudler and Wienerschnitzel (Yumbo!) get an Uber and off to bed! See you next week back in Switzerland!